Machine Quilting Services

Peggy offers the following machine quilting services:

Quilter’s Special – Peggy’s Choice
When you want to leave all the decisions to Peggy, you can take advantage of the quilters special.  This is an edge to edge design with a light to medium density in a pattern and thread that Peggy will choose to complement your quilt.  Quilting is .02 cents per square inch with a minimum charge of $50.  This means that a typical lap quilt of 40″ by 60″  (2400 square inches) would cost only $50 to quilt.  This is a great option for quick baby quilts and lap quilts.  Peggy has a great sense of complementary design so you can be sure that the finished product will look great!
Turnaround time – Your edge to edge quilt will be ready for you within one week – guaranteed!

Edge to Edge
Ideal for quilts with a busy pattern and for quilts intended to be well loved.
Edge to edge starts at .025 cents per square inch.  Very dense patterns are typically more durable, take more time to quilt and cost more.
Turnaround time – Your edge to edge quilt will be ready for you within one week – guaranteed!
If you like to have your quilt trimmed, then trimming is included at no additional charge.

Semi custom
Edge to Edge plus Borders  – This type of quilting has edge to edge designs in the centre of the quilt with a separate border treatment.  Semi-custom starts at .04 cents per square inch.

Ideal for those who wish to either machine or hand quilt. Basting on the longarm ensures your quilt is square and true, allowing you to focus on creating the design rather than worrying about tucks and pleats in your backing.  Basting on the longarm makes your life easier!
Small Quilt Basting – $35.00
Large Quilt Basting – $50.00
Turnaround time – Allow two days to have your quilt basted and ready to return to you.

Other Services

Trimming – included with quilting service, no additional charge

Binding – Attaching binding to the front of the quilt, so you can hand stitch binding to the back – 10 cents per linear inch

Thread – Peggy offers a variety of quilting threads and will advise you or select the threads that enhance your quilting project.

Call or email to book your intake time:
Phone:  519-846-2285


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