Eileen’s Batik Whales Quilt

Batik Whales Quilt

This beautiful batik quilt was made from a kit that Eileen purchased in Sitka, Alaska.  The colours were skillfully chosen to make a stunning top.    Eileen did a great job piecing those curved blocks and making the directional borders.

Eileen chose an edge to edge design of bubbles to mimic the foam of waves and air blows from whales.  The thread is a bright green poly that pulls out the sea green colours of the fabrics.

This quilt is a Christmas gift for Eileen’s granddaughter.  She is going to love having this quilt in her dorm room!

Batik Whale Quilt Detail


Ann’s Whitewash Quilt

Whitewash Quilt

This well pieced quilt is Ann’s first quilt.  She made it in a class at Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph, Ontario.  The quilt is called Whitewash and was taught by Christine.

Because of the strong horizontal and vertical lines, we selected a curvy edge to edge digital design called Denali by Anne Bright.

Ann selected a a mushroom coloured Glide thread, a trilobal polyester thread that adds a bit of shine to the quilt.

The finished quilt is quite lovely.  Ann plans to gift the quilt to her mother.  Lucky Mum!

Whitewash detail