TFO Production Backdrops


This photo shows two production backdrops recently quilted for Television Francais Ontario (TFO).    TFO has  a TV show called Mini Spectacle  that is designed to teach French language skills to primary grades.  There are many episodes of this show on YouTube.  I watched a few and brushed up some of my French skiils! I recognized the main characters from the YouTube videos.

The TV set designer designed the panels, had them made and sent them to me for quilting.   TFO wanted a thick batting, so I ordered a roll of Warm and Plush, a new 6 0z cotton batting that gives very good stitch definition.  The construction is very artistic, but tends to ignore the grain line, so it required quite a bit of stabilization and squaring.   There were two panels to be quilted and they are to be used side by side, so I took extra care to ensure the horizontal design lines matched at the join.

Matching the panels

Each panel measures 96 inches by 120 inches – quite large when it came to squaring them.  Fortunately, I have an extra worktable that is 96″ by 96″ – perfect for laying out a large quilt.

The black twill tape was added after the quilting was finished to give definition to the wainscoting and chair rail  features.

DSCN4450 DSCN4458

I used my 90 degree laser level and straight edge to ensure a square and accurate quilt.  It was so large to handle, that I enticed a quilting friend with dinner to come help me with the squaring process.  it was a big job!

After all trimming and squaring was complete, I added wide facings to the sides and secured them on the back to create a clean finish on each side.  On the top, I added a hanging sleeve  so the backdrops could be hung from the backdrop standards.  On the bottom, I added another wide sleeve for a long board to be inserted to act as a weight to keep the panels securely in place during the performances.

The final quilts looked wonderful and will serve TFO well through many performances.  Here is a photo of one of the finished quilts:




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