TFO Production Backdrops


This photo shows two production backdrops recently quilted for Television Francais Ontario (TFO).    TFO has  a TV show called Mini Spectacle  that is designed to teach French language skills to primary grades.  There are many episodes of this show on YouTube.  I watched a few and brushed up some of my French skiils! I recognized the main characters from the YouTube videos.

The TV set designer designed the panels, had them made and sent them to me for quilting.   TFO wanted a thick batting, so I ordered a roll of Warm and Plush, a new 6 0z cotton batting that gives very good stitch definition.  The construction is very artistic, but tends to ignore the grain line, so it required quite a bit of stabilization and squaring.   There were two panels to be quilted and they are to be used side by side, so I took extra care to ensure the horizontal design lines matched at the join.

Matching the panels

Each panel measures 96 inches by 120 inches – quite large when it came to squaring them.  Fortunately, I have an extra worktable that is 96″ by 96″ – perfect for laying out a large quilt.

The black twill tape was added after the quilting was finished to give definition to the wainscoting and chair rail  features.

DSCN4450 DSCN4458

I used my 90 degree laser level and straight edge to ensure a square and accurate quilt.  It was so large to handle, that I enticed a quilting friend with dinner to come help me with the squaring process.  it was a big job!

After all trimming and squaring was complete, I added wide facings to the sides and secured them on the back to create a clean finish on each side.  On the top, I added a hanging sleeve  so the backdrops could be hung from the backdrop standards.  On the bottom, I added another wide sleeve for a long board to be inserted to act as a weight to keep the panels securely in place during the performances.

The final quilts looked wonderful and will serve TFO well through many performances.  Here is a photo of one of the finished quilts:




Kay’s Cottage Quilt

Nine Patch Snowball Quilt

Kay made this nine patch snowball quilt as a gift for her sister in law’s cottage.  The fabrics coordinate very well and create a perfect cottage mood.  Kay chose Warm and Plush batting a 6 oz cotton batting that will be extra warm on cool cottage evenings.

Nine Patch Quilting Detail

The quilting design is Espalier by Anne Bright.  The open design shows the texture created by the thicker batting.  Kay did a beautiful job on this quilt.  Her sister in law will be delighted!


Marsha’s Wedding Quilt


Marsha made this quilt as one of two options for wedding quilts for her daughter who is getting married in May.

The top was impeccably pieced and pressed.  The taupe, brown, cream and red fabrics create a  harmonious textural array.  Many of these fabrics are Japanese prints.  Most are cotton, but some are linen.  The overall effect is very graphic and pleasing to the eye.

The digital quilting design, Bubblicious by Lisa Calle, adds texture and contrast to the starkly geometic lines of the quilt.  Marsha chose a dark taupe thread that blends well with the fabrics.


The backing is black with a dark grey textural print that looks quite good with the taupe thread on the back.


Marsha’s daughter is bound to like this quilt!

Kay’s Butterfly Quilt

Butterfly Quilt

Kay made this butterfly quilt as a birthday gift for her granddaughter.

Butterflies detail

The quilting design is Butterfly Skies by Anne Bright.  Kay chose a vivid magenta Magnifico thread to showcase the butterflies.  The shine of the thread gives a nice sheen to the design.  Because she wanted it fluffy, we chose to use a new batting, Warm and Plush.  It is a 6 oz batting and gives great stitch definition.  This batting is 50% heavier than Warm and Natural and will make for a warm quilt.  This is a new batting made by the Warm Company.  It is the first time I  have used this batting and I quite like the results!

Buterfly puff

This  side photo shows the puffiness and texture of the quilt.  It is quite snuggly and Kay’s granddaughter will love it!