Catherine’s Applique Quilt – Finished

Catherine’s applique quilt is now finished.  This photo shows the center block, a love knot design that Catherine created with inspiration from Celtic designs.

Center Block Love Knot

This photo shows the header of the quilt, a plain section that will cover the pillows on the bed.  It is quilted with a Celtic knot design from Donna Klienke of One Song Needle Arts.

Pillow Panel Applique Quilt

Here is a view of the whole quilt with Catherine and her husband Jim admiring it when they came to pick it up.    Catherine’s sister , the very fortunate recipient, will love this quilt!

Applique Quilt


Catherine’s Applique Quilt

This week, I am working on an applique quilt lovingly created by Catherine for her sister.  The border is cross hatched with white Superior Bottom Line both on top and in the bobbin.  This very fine thread line blends well with the applique and creates texture in the background.


The blocks are part of a set of Celtic inspired designs from Donna Klienke of One Song Needle Arts.

Applique Blocks

The quilt has beautiful applique work and the custom quilting will enhance and showcase the designs.