About Peggy

Peggy Nagle has been long arm quilting since 2000 – over 16 years!  She has won awards for her machine quilting and surprisingly to Peggy, even one for hand quilting!

Peggy is a member of the Grand River Modern Quilt Guild,   Peggy has always loved quilts, but since retirement from her day job, quilting has become an overarching passion.  Peggy coordinates the program for Heritage Quilters,  a small group of active quilters who are keen to develop new skills.  Peggy is also active in SOLO, the Southern Ontario Longarm Organization, a group of longarmers who meet twice a year for professional development and sharing.

In addition to quilting, Peggy judges quilting at fairs and quilt shows and teaches quilting, both privately and through guilds.

Peggy continues to develop her quilting skills by taking courses and workshops, both locally and internationally.   Peggy has taken many classes in technique, appraisal and judging.
Technique Classes: Karen McTavish, Nichole Webb, Sally Terry, Judy Woodworth, Angela Walters, Renske Helmuth, David Taylor, Carol Taylor
Colour Theory Classes: Heather Stewart
Appraisal Classes, American Quilters Society, Paducah, Kentucky with Gerald Roy, Carole Butzke and Linda Hunsberger
Introduction to Quilt Judging,  National Quilting Association, Columbus, Ohio with Stacey Koehler and Phyllis Manley

Peggy regularly attends quilting conferences to stay abreast of technical and artistic trends in the industry.

Peggy feels fortunate to live in Elora, Ontario, in a region with an abundance of quilt shops, quilters and quilting resources, all within easy driving distance.


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