Christine’s Double Irish Chain

Double Irish Chain

Christine’s autumn toned Double Irish Chain quilt is a wonderful blend of fall foliage fabrics.

Double Irish Chain Quilting design

It was custom quilted with a pattern called Copeland from Kim Diamond (  To create custom corner and side blocks, I split and edited the pattern to fill the available space.    Then I created a coordinating border design to enhance the overall look of the quilt.

The top thread is So Fine 423, a gold colour.  The bobbin thread is Bottom Line 618, also a gold thread.  The gold thread enhances the mottled fabric in the open spaces and blends well with the chains.

Oosterveld DIC Detail

The quilt looks good in the photos, but looks awesome in person!


Jacqueline’s “The peas are full of beans”


This whimsical quilt has vegetable themed fabrics that are primarily peas!  Jacqueline plans to give it to her grandson Cameron.

The quilting design is called Pea Pods by Lynne Blackman.   I created a border design of rail fencing for the chevrons on the border.  The light green triangles each contain a pea pod that has escaped from under the fence.  A very fun quilt!

The batting is Hobbs Heirloom Wool, which gives it extra puffiness.


Jacqueline’s “And Still I Rise”

And Still I Rise

This photo shows a quilt top made by Jacqueline inspired by Maya Angelou’s inspirational verse “And Still I Rise”.  Jacqueline plans to quilt it on her domestic machine.  So why do I have it, you ask?  Well, to make it easier for her to quilt it on her domestic, I basted it with the longarm.  Basting it this way ensures it is square and flat and unlikely to pucker when she quilts it on her domestic machine.  It makes it much easier to handle a quilt when quilting  either by domestic or by hand.


And here you see it basted with long stitches in red thread.  Because the stitches are about 3/4 of an inch long (2 cm), they will be very easy to pull out as Jacqueline is quilting this top on her domestic machine.

Kathy’s Log Cabin


This quilt was a teaching sample made by Kathleen Bissett (  Kathy is a very precise piecer and her tops are superbly square.

To mirror the maple leaves in the border, I quilted it with a design called Sugar Maple by Apricot Moon designs.  The thread is a tan coloured So Fine that picks up the colour of the  inner border.  After the photos were taken, I applied binding to the front of the quilt, which Kathy will hand stitch to the back.

Detail - Copy

Nancy’s Son’s Wedding Quilt


This was the quilt Nancy made for her son’s wedding so guests could sign and write messages.  The guests had a lot of fun and wrote many humourous sayings.  The quilting design is Jacobean by Anne Bright, chosen because of its romantic flow and old fashioned style that fit well with the earthy toned fabrics.

2013-21 detail

Nancy’s Daughter’s Wedding quilt


When Nancy’s daughter Sarah got married a few years ago, Nancy created this quilt for wedding guests to write messages and sign.   The messages were sweet and touching and I had a lump in my throat as I quilted it for her.  I used Keryn Emmerson’s design called Rambling Hearts, which seemed to fit the romantic nature of this quilt.

2013-20 Detail

Sarah will be thrilled to receive this quilt.  Her father Ted signed the quilt for Nancy and Ted.  Since the wedding, Ted has passed away, so this quilt will be very precious to Sarah.

Christine’s Sampler Quilt


Christine made this sampler quilt during a class at Reichard’s Quilt Store in St, Jacobs.  Even though she is a beginner quilter, Christine is very precise with her cutting and piecing, so her results are fabulous.  Her tops are a joy to quilt.    This was quilted with an Anne Bright design called Damask, which has an old fashioned flavour that fits well with these reproduction fabrics.

2013-17 Detail 1