Carolyn’s Xmas Tree Wall Hanging


Carolyn’s Christmas tree wall hanging was quilted with and edge to edge snowflake design that echoes the print in the trees and border. Nice effect!  The thread was a very fine cream coloured Bottom Line both on top and in the bobbin.


Jacqueline’s “And Still I Rise”

And Still I Rise

This photo shows a quilt top made by Jacqueline inspired by Maya Angelou’s inspirational verse “And Still I Rise”.  Jacqueline plans to quilt it on her domestic machine.  So why do I have it, you ask?  Well, to make it easier for her to quilt it on her domestic, I basted it with the longarm.  Basting it this way ensures it is square and flat and unlikely to pucker when she quilts it on her domestic machine.  It makes it much easier to handle a quilt when quilting  either by domestic or by hand.


And here you see it basted with long stitches in red thread.  Because the stitches are about 3/4 of an inch long (2 cm), they will be very easy to pull out as Jacqueline is quilting this top on her domestic machine.

Judy’s Celtic Wallhanging

Celtic Wallhanging

Judy’s Celtic Wall hanging seemed to call for a Celtic themed pattern.   I used a Celtic block from Digi-tech, designed by Jessica Schick.  I had to do some splitting to get the triangles for the corners.  It worked out well and Judy was very pleased with the texture.  She intends to hang it where it will get side light from the morning sun.

Celtic Detail

Quilting detail of the Celtic wall hanging.

Amy’s Batik Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging 3

Amy made this quilt top in a workshop at Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph, Ontario.  Amy is very careful and precise in her sewing and cutting, so this to was beautifully square.  I quilted it with randomly placed overlapping concentric spirals that echoed the circular movement inside the quilt.  I have seen this hanging on the wall at Amy’s house and it goes very well with her colour scheme and decor.  This wall hanging helps me to feel centered.

I quilted it with a camel coloured So Fine thread – #404, with Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Detail 2