Emily’s Log Cabin


Emily saw this log cabin layout in a book and decided to try it with these blocks. Looks quite nice! I quilted it with a design called Naysa’s Feathers, an edge to edge pattern by Christy Dillon. The flowing design gives movement to the blocks.

Naysas Feathers Quilting Design


Kathy’s Snowflake Quilt

Snowflake Log Cabin Quilt

This photo shows a part of a log cabin quilt made by Kathleen Bissett (www.kathleenbissett.com) as a teaching sample.

Taking the lead from the fabric, we selected an small scale overall snowflake design.  The design is called Snowflake Simple by Anne Bright.  The thread is Glide in a mushroom/mauve colour.  Glide has a nice shine which gives an unexpected spark to the quilting.

I don’t have an overall photo of this quilt, so I will try to remember to take one when Kathy brings it to Show and Tell at the next guild meeting.