Origami Spools

Spools Quilt

This 36″ square lap quilt in the spools pattern is well pieced and has a pleasing colour balance.  The quilting pattern is Anne Bright’s Origami Fan design which is done with a gold coloured cotton thread.  The fan pattern gives a pleasing texture to the design.  Doesn’t it look nice?

Spool Quilting Detail


Ann’s Whitewash Quilt

Whitewash Quilt

This well pieced quilt is Ann’s first quilt.  She made it in a class at Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph, Ontario.  The quilt is called Whitewash and was taught by Christine.

Because of the strong horizontal and vertical lines, we selected a curvy edge to edge digital design called Denali by Anne Bright.

Ann selected a a mushroom coloured Glide thread, a trilobal polyester thread that adds a bit of shine to the quilt.

The finished quilt is quite lovely.  Ann plans to gift the quilt to her mother.  Lucky Mum!

Whitewash detail

Kathy’s Snowflake Quilt

Snowflake Log Cabin Quilt

This photo shows a part of a log cabin quilt made by Kathleen Bissett (www.kathleenbissett.com) as a teaching sample.

Taking the lead from the fabric, we selected an small scale overall snowflake design.  The design is called Snowflake Simple by Anne Bright.  The thread is Glide in a mushroom/mauve colour.  Glide has a nice shine which gives an unexpected spark to the quilting.

I don’t have an overall photo of this quilt, so I will try to remember to take one when Kathy brings it to Show and Tell at the next guild meeting.